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This forum thread needs a solution.
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Chrome new tab with non-empty URL


when activating the Norton Security Chrome extension, new tabs in Chrome (MacOS and Windows) always contain "https://www.google.com/_/chrome/newtab?espv=2&ie=UTF-8" (which redirects to "https://www.google.de/webhp?ie=UTF-8&rct=j&gws_rd=cr&ei=...") instead of being empty.

This behavior is very annoying, because I have to wait for this redirect to happen, before I can enter a new URL.

Is there an option to change that behavior?



Re: Chrome new tab with non-empty URL


Have you tried reinstalling Chrome and restarting your computer?


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Re: Chrome new tab with non-empty URL

Have you tried reinstalling Chrome and restarting your computer?

Specifically: why would doing that solve the issue? That sounds like a general response for any problem. Do you know a specific reason why it would help in this particular case?

Re-installing Chrome means:

1) Uninstalling Chrome (and therefore, I would assume, all extensions, including Norton Safeweb extension which causes this issue. If I've understood, Chrome extensions cannot exist outside of Chrome so uninstalling Chrome also removes them)

2) Re-installing Chrome (and then re-installing the Norton Safeweb extension). So we would be back where we are started, no?

I am having the exact same issue as the Original Poster and I share their reasonable irritation.

When I disable Norton Safeweb extension, the problem does not occur. So the conclusion is that Norton Safeweb is the cause of the issue. I would prefer to keep Norton Safeweb enabled to benefit from its advice AND for new tabs to have empty URLs.

I would add that this issue does not happen with Norton Safeweb and Chrome on Windows 10.


Re: Chrome new tab with non-empty URL

Re-installing Chrome does NOT help. The only thing that helps, is deactivating the Norton Chrome Plugin. I am really disappointed, that Norton does not care at all about this annoyance...

Re: Chrome new tab with non-empty URL


1. A newly installed Chrome for Windows will access this location by default.

2. You can try resetting/customizing Chrome's homepage and startup page by following this official how-to.

Meantime, you can give this New Tab Redirect (add-on) a try.

I did the following test:

  • Installed a trial version of NS with Backup;
  • Followed NSBU's alert to install Norton Security Toolbar and Norton Identity Safe

  • I closed Chrome, and reopened it later and then, opened a new tab in it: I just found that Chrome's New Tab page had been changed into the said (Norton) Safe Search. See the following IMG for reference.

  • This is the Chrome client at the time of commenting.

Furthermore, I updated my Chrome manually, and this action did not make any change to my test above.

Let me make it clear that "activating the Norton Security Chrome extension [Norton Home Page Extension or say, Norton-related add-ons for Chrome]" has no relationship with changing your Chrome New Tab settings ("Chrome redirection").

I hope my test brings better understanding of your annoyance.

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