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Chrome Norton Security Toolbar conflicts with GoogleDocs cursor

When the Norton Security Toolbar Chrome extension (2015.5.0.121) is enabled, the cursor in a newly opened GoogleDoc will appear higher in the text by a line or two than where it acts when clicked or typing. I've found this phenomenon on multiple documents. I've found two ways to solve this, neither ideal. 1) change the zoom in the document to 90% then back to 100%. This only works temporarily until the next time I open the document 2) disable the Norton Security Toolbar. I've tried all other extensions that I have currently installed. This is the only one that is linked to the problem. Can Norton address this clash? Thanks!



Re: Chrome Norton Security Toolbar conflicts with GoogleDocs cursor

I am also experiencing the same problem in Google Sheets.  In addition, some websites are displaying wrong, such as moving all the content down below the screen. I can scroll to reach it.  Disabling the toolbar fixes all the problems.

OS: Windows 10

Chrome: 44.0.2403.125

Toolbar: 2015.5.0.121

Example website:  www.mykmbs.com (a refresh will sometimes get it to display correctly)

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