Clarification on Browser Extension Purpose

I am a new user and would like some clarification. If the browser extension is disabled, can a pornographic website be viewed? I am unclear whether the extension is used for reporting purposes only or if it actually blocks the websites.

I chatted with a customer service agent and they told me that if the extension is disabled, bad websites can be viewed. This seems ridiculous since anyone can simply turn off the extension (or use a browser like Edge that is not supported with the extension). Is this system that weak? 

I would also like to know if websites are still blocked in incognito mode.



Accepted Solution

Re: Clarification on Browser Extension Purpose

Hi Kristi,
Browser Extension is used for both protection and reporting purposes. In the event extension is disabled/removed, Norton Family enforces a second layer of protection that prevents the child from viewing websites that are not allowed as per the house rules. This protection is also available when using incognito/private browsing modes (or) with unsupported browsers like Edge.

When the second layer of protection is enforced, a browser specific Internet access block page would be displayed instead of Norton Family extension block page. However, Browser extension is a prerequisite for the product to function completely and should not be removed or disabled. It is strongly recommended to go back and enable browser extensions to experience complete protection.

Thanks and Regards,
Norton Family Team.

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