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Clarification of Norton Security Premium benefits

Does Norton Security Premium provide cloud backup for mobile devices, or just PC/Macs?

N360 covers desktops and provides cloud backup, NSecurity Deluxe covers desktops and mobile devices, but no cloud backup.  I don't know which embeds Password manager.

A Norton agent told me that NSecurity Premium covers desktops and mobile devices, and cloud backup for both, but I can't find a clear statement anywhere in the product description.

[I'm generally unhappy with the Norton Web site user experience.]

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Re: Clarification of Norton Security Premium benefits

The only thing you can back up with the mobile versions of Norton are your contacts. And that is as long as you are using Norton Mobile Security. There is also a newer product for iOS devices, Norton Security iOS. That has no backup of any kind.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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