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Cloud Backup

How do you uninstall the annoying Cloud Backup?  I do not want to use the cloud backup, I don't want to give Norton access to any of my information nor do I want Norton to store ANYTHING!!!!!!!  I have my own backup solution that I use that is independent of Nortons abusive product.  PLEASE Norton, put out a non-INVASIVE product, Your product is becoming as intrusive and abusive as the products that you say you are "protecting" me from!  Give me the option to OPT IN not have to jump through hoops to opt out or in the case of Cloud Backup even disable the invasive and annoying addon.  Not everyone is a mindless minion and want every little option that you offer.  I know and understand that your product is a BUSINESS, but allow US as the users to decide which products that we want and need.  Norton used to be the primer Anti-Virus product on the market, but you have over the last few years have become as abusive as some hackers and scammers that you are "protecting" us from in your sales pitches.



Re: Cloud Backup

How do you uninstall the annoying Cloud Backup?

Maybe, toggle annoying Cloud Backup off.
Windows Admin user account => Norton 360 Classic view => Settings
Quick Controls - Backup off...or...Backup Settings off

Please switch to Norton 360 Classic view. 
from Norton 360 systray button => Open Norton 360 

Open My Norton for My Norton view 
Open Norton 360 for Classic view

Settings from systray button opens My Norton Settings
Settings from Classic view opens Norton 360 Settings

Switch between the My Norton window and Classic view

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