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Cloud Backup drive missing

For years I have been using a Seagate 4TB external HD for my backups in conjunction with Norton Backup. Ran into a issue all of a sudden with Norton popups that I could not figure out how to stop. I allowed a Norton rep to make changes via remote control and all hell broke lose about 1 hr after that. My whole sys crashed. Coincidence...possibly. After getting my pc back up and running I began to check my settings and found that Norton has not done a backup for months. This may have to do with upgrading from win10 to win11. After checking those setting within Norton The drive is missing. Norton cloud is there and so is c:drive but my seagate drive is gone. My seagate is a personal cloud and is connected directly to my router by ethernet. It has always been this way for years with no issues. What i found out is that i have to assign a drive letter to the seagate by mapping it. Upon my first attempt to do so it worked giving it a drive letter but locked me out completely. I had to revert back to gain access again. Help Please. Why does norton not see the seagate networked drive.