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Cloud Backup Drive Not Available for Selection

I have been backing up files regularly to the cloud, but yesterday I was running late for a meeting and needed to urgently move my laptop.  As the battery is no longer capable of sustaining the laptop, it must remain plugged into a wall socket.

I was busy with a backup when I was called to the conference room and even after delaying for a minute or so while I waited for the backup to cancel I could no longer afford to wait and so I unplugged it.

Since that, I noted that none of my files show that they are backed up and when I try to setup a backup, I always get to the 'where' tab with only the C: being available.  Please also note that Norton will not accept the C: as an actual option for backup for obvious reasons so I dont know why it is there in the first place.

I am not overly concerned about where my previous cloud backup has gone as I am happy to just re-backup everything, but it is very strange to me that there is no cloud available for me to backup to (Screenshot attached).

Product: Norton 360 for windows 64-bit (Version

Please assist if possible.