Coinbase transfer success!!

I just finally did my 1st transfer to Coinbase, in ETH.  It was a few hours after a payout, I had a little over 0.014.  I did the default full amount and it was a success the first try!  I had read many people had troubles but, not me.  Luck of the draw I guess.  Was a surprise really.  I took about 10 minutes and it now shows in Coinbase.

Just FYI, I did some looking around and it seems that around 5-7 pm PST (1-3 am UTC) is the best time for the gas fees being lower, mine was about 0.001811 when I transferred.  I'm done with this mining for the foreseeable future.  Just to slow on my single GPU with a lot of system use and electricity.  I don't want to beat my rig up anymore except for gaming which I delayed for mining.  Good luck everyone else...out!

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