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Compatibility with SAV

Looking at the product I am very happy in what I have seen with the exception if working with Symantec Antivirus 10.  I am a advocate of the Corporate versions of the SAV products as they are much less intrusive on a system and provide a much more secure environment. 

I was having issues on an older laptop and could not get the Safety Minder software to register or pickup any information. I installed a new PC with XP SP3 and SAV 10 and had the same issue. I found a previous posting saying that it worked after removing SAV and I tried it and got it working but now the system does not have AV installed and this will not work ever for letting a child use the system without AV let alone being a Systems engineer I don't like the idea of searching for a different product that I am not confident will do the same job.

Is there any workarounds or fixes in progress to rectify the issue with SAV.




Re: Compatibility with SAV


Thanks for your feed back on enterprise products.

Yes you are right! as mentioned in the earlier posts, there is a compatibilty issue with Norton Safety minder and SAV 10.

Unfortunately there arent any work arounds for SAV 10 and Safety minder currently. However there are two options to have safety minder working

1. You might consider upgrading to later versions of SAV

2. You can try Norton Antivirus or Norton Internet security which are equally good to the enterprise product that you are currently using .



Re: Compatibility with SAV

Please read the following document in our Knowledge Base regarding Compatibility of Norton Safety Minder with Symantec AntiVirus 10.0.





Thanks Katie

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