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Kudos1 Stats (352) Using high CPU (352) Using high CPU and freezing my iMac retina 5k 27 inch 2020 3,3ghz 6 core intel core i5 8gb of mem 2667 MHz ddr 4 and radeon pro 5300 4gb running Monterey version 12.6.  Anyone else experience issues?

System is running Norton Security 8.8.1 build 76 layout SOS


Kudos1 Stats

Re: (352) Using high CPU

Hello, I have been working on this issue for days. Talking to the Apple store, reinstalling misc programs, reinstalling Norton exaclty according to instructions and the CPU is STILL high and the fan runs constantly! Is norton simple incompatible with some Macs? Or what can be done? Can someone please help. 


Re: (352) Using high CPU

I have been noticing the same thing since day before yesterday. While it's not freezing my Core i9 MBP but I can notice it  takes abount 50% of CPU usage. Not sure what it's doing

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