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This forum thread needs a solution.

configure router

I tried to reconfigure my router with the Norton DNS numbers, but get an error message saying not valid ip address.

I have basic computer skills and it took a long time to find the internet router configuration information which did not accept the norton DNS numbers after I entered into the box.  Do I need to also have a norton security safety program to make the numbers work?

I am trying to filter internet use on all devices without accessing all others devices to add a software program. want to block info at the source-router.



Re: configure router

Hi need2know5050,

Please check out the link below for more information about the program.


If you have the Norton ConnectSafe IP addresses in the router, please check out the link https://dns.norton.com/configureRouter.html

The forum is for the product of Norton Family.  I'll move the thread to an appropriate forum.



Thanks Katie

Re: configure router


I would think in today's malware world, every device which is used on the net would need a security program on it. There are too many bad ip's and with drive by malware, there is no way of knowing if a website is safe or not without a good security program.


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