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Consistent Issue with Application Blocking and Oracle Virtualbox Hypervisor

Has anyone had an issue on a Mac that they run Virtualbox-based virtual machines on while Norton Internet Security 5 for Mac is installed?  Application Blocking blocks both Virtualbox.app from any network access and subsequently blocks VirtualboxVM.app whenever any virtual machine is launched.  Unless I catch the notification popup and manually use the drop-down box to select "Always allow this application," my virtual machine, regardless of the guest operating system, will not have any network access, including Internet.  I have added both applications to the Application Blocking list and set both of them to "allow."  This has not lead to any change in behavior.  I inserted a Connection Blocking rule to always allow outgoing connections from Virtualbox.app which seems to have alleviated the issue with VirtualboxVM.app, strangely enough, but the primary application, Virtualbox.app, is still being caught and blocked by Norton Internet Security, so if Virtualbox.app (the Virtualbox console) tries to check for updates, as an example, it cannot get to the Internet to perform this task.  This issue also seems to happen anytime the Office365Service.app launches whenever any Office for Mac 2011 application is launched, despite Office365Service.app being "allowed" under Application Blocking.  I have not had the opportunity to see if the same or similar issue is present in other hypervisors such as VMware Fusion.  Is this a flaw in Norton Internet Security or is it due to the design of Virtualbox?  Anyone have any idea?  Thank you for any assistance.



Re: Consistent Issue with Application Blocking and Oracle Virtualbox Hypervisor

Hello @RMSQueenMary89,

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

We attempted to reproduce the above scenario in-house using our latest product NIS 5.8 along with Virtual Box 5.0.10. However we are not able to reproduce the scenario. Once we add a rule to Application Blocking to allow Virtual Box, we are not getting any additional Application Blocking prompts.

Generally when Application Blocking is ON, before you add a rule to Application Blocking to allow an app, you would a get a Application blocking prompt which asks to allow or block the application. In case, we don't select any of the options, the rule is block by default. So any operations that you do after that, will block the app accessing Internet. Also once you add rule to App blocking to allow, please ensure that you quit the app, ensure that it is not running in Activity monitor and open a new instance of the app.

Please try the above steps, and see if the issue is fixed.

If you are running the product and in case you are still facing the issue, please follow the below instructions for us to troubleshoot more into this.

  1. Download the tool from here:ftp://ftp.symantec.com/misc/tools/mactools/GatherSymantecInfo.zip
  2. After download, with the file on the Mac client where you are facing these issues, double-click on the file to expand it. It will contain the GatherSymantecInfo.command file as well as a folder called SupportFiles.
  3. Double-click on GatherSymantecInfo.command. It will open a Terminal window.
  4. Enter your administrator password (it will not echo on-screen) and press Enter.
  5. Gathering information... message will appear.
  6. When it completes to run, you can find SymantecInfo.zip archive under Desktop directory.

I've sent you a private message to where the logs needs to be shared. 

Once its shared, we will analyze and try to revert as soon as possible.



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