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Context Menu in Directory Opus

8 years ago, I requested the context menu, which is available in File Explorer, to also be available in Directory Opus. There has been unfortunately no progress on this issue since then. Could Norton developers get in touch with Directory Opus developers and find a fix?



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Hello ppmartin. Indeed Norton should have had an answer way before now. Doing a bit of research, I've found what MAY be a valid issue for Norton not intervening. UAC and system tamper protection in the product itself. Please review the following article:!Documents/UAC_and_Admi...

Norton also has its tamper protection feature to prevent access to its core files and operation. My theory is depreciation of that feature other than with user direct intervention creates an avenue for exploitation. Depending on what version / release of Windows you are using Microsoft has also had a hard handed approach in the protection of the OS from malicious scripting. Opus itself relies heavily on that function having been built around it. 

Allow us to bump this to the team for a hopeful response. 


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Re: Context Menu in Directory Opus

It is not that there is no progress. From your link to the Dopus forum there is a quote from Norton that Norton is no longer supporting the feature for third party file explorers. This was a conscious decision taken. Not a feature that was not working properly. 


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In their forums, in the same thread it was also posted the following:

steje Opus Pro


Aug 2, 2014

This thread has become a bit circular ...

If you go back to the beginning of the thread, and my early suggestions to Lancea on how to work around this whole mess, you'll find several things:

  • I had specifically called out the need to constantly have to update the path as Norton applied updates (yuck)... so as a workaround, the use of the {F} code via the NIS command line sure seems to mimic what the shell extension does closely enough, but it is indeed a PITA to maintain. And there's no path variable or anything else that you can reference to not have to manually update the path in your Opus customizations (bummer). I wonder if AV/AS vendors do this sort of thing on purpose so that malicious crap out there has that much little bit more of a harder time targeting any of their binaries - by having the path be obtuse and ever changing. Maybe a trick they learned from how they themselves used to have trouble beating up on other apps - anyone remember how later versions of Daemon Tools used to actually change its driver and process names between releases so that AV/AS software left them alone? LOL...

  • If you look back at my comments about the thread that hemm99 linked us to... or better yet just go to that thread yourself 4, you'll find the following response from a Norton forum admin named Mohan_G:

Norton forum admin - Mohan_G:

Sorry for not getting back sooner and thanks for your patience.

I just got an update from the team.

Third-Party Explorer Shells (Like Total Commander File Manager) are no longer supported for this feature in Norton v21.

So... @Pierre-Philippe: from this statement, it certainly seems like the response that you got about it being a problem with other file managers not properly using Windows api's is either a total wild goose chase and BAD guidance from someone at Symantec who has no idea what they're talking about; or... that older comment from Mohan_G was incorrectly worded and could have been better stated by saying something like "Older methods of invoking shell extensions used by many (every?) third-Party Explorer Shells (like Total Commander, Turbo Navigator, Free Commander, PowerDesk, XYplorer, and Directory Opus) are no longer supported".

@Leo/Jon: is there even some newer method of invoking shell extensions that neither Opus or Notepad are using? Does that even hold water?

As an aside, since newer uses reading this thread are still tripping up over this even though I mentioned it specifically in my original posts, and Lancea implied it in his step by step directions - maybe the root post could be updated with Lanceas' own step by steps with some additional note about the path changing every time Norton updates NIS?

If appearances are noteworthy, protection of Norton API's against malicious scripting appears to be the reason for the decision to no longer support Opus in version 22.x and higher. 

Edited: FWIW!! What OS are you currently running?


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Re: Context Menu in Directory Opus

Thank you, @SoulAsylum and @peterweb for your much appreciated comments 

In fact, I had read those 2013 and 2014 comments before, but was nonetheless hoping that, thanks to the evolution of technology on both the Norton and the GP Software side, progress could have been made on this request.

What triggered my "refreshing" of the request was that I read in the March 21st, 2022 Directory Opus 12.27 release notes that GP Software had "fixed the F-Secure SAFE context menu not appearing".

I was thus wondering why this same issue couldn't also be fixed for the Norton context menu

I am using Windows 10 on my desktop and Windows 11 on my laptop.

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