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Controlling screentime limits for ps4

Does anyone know whether screen time limits can be applied on a PS4 with Norton Family as well as PC's and phones? I want to apply screen time limits to limit how much time my son spends on fortnite. For various reasons too long to explain, because of how I set up his account on the ps4 I can't use the inbuilt parental controls. Thanks



Re: Controlling screentime limits for ps4

Hello Emily. Since the PS4 is considered an iOT device (Internet of Things) they do not have a native operating system Norton supports nor does the PS4 allow for NF installation. An older thread here discusses this. As Matt discussed, the Norton Core Router WILL provide the parental controls needed for these device types on a network. On the downside, the Core router will be EOS (End of Support) next year in its current form. We don't have any indication whether there will be a solution to allow Core to function after that time yet. I hope this answered your concerns appropriately.


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