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This forum thread needs a solution.

Could Computer Internet problem be Norton

In the Norton section on “Network Trust” there is listed one of my SSIDs, yet the other three that I use are not.  Should they all be listed?

The reason for asking is that I am incurring the “Internet access is being blocked” along with “This site can’t be reached” when going to Google.

For the last seven days my desktop is unable to go the internet either by WiFi or Ethernet.  My laptop is unable to use Ethernet to get to the internet, but is able with WiFi. 

Initially, my 24/7 desktop required to be rebooted each day after several years of this not happening and my wife’s laptop which is also on 24/7 is going through the same thing.

Both internet messages suggest to “check the proxy, firewall, and the DNS configuration.”  We are connected directly to the internet through our route and the Spectrum cable modem; the DNS from Google is being used; which leaves the firewall protected by Norton.

So, what is the next step to solve this problem?

Using Windows 10 Pro & Norton Security



Re: Could Computer Internet problem be Norton

Hello cyclone. Lets get some basic information about your Norton product and its version. Here is how to gather that info.  If you have error messages either from Norton or Windows you can post screenshots for us to review, here is how

I use the Core Router in conjunction with my ISP device, in network trust NONE of the SSID's for my wireless networks are showing, ONLY Core. My trust level is set for private. Screenshot is available below.

I can suggest first to "reset your Norton firewall" on ALL devices. On your ISP modem and personal router, power cycle them at the same time. When they are rebooted, reboot your computers one at a time and check for connectivity. See if any of them connect. 


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