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This forum thread needs a solution.

A couple of issues with Family Premiere

I have been using the free version for quite awhile and just this week went ahead and purchased the paid Premiere version. I seem to have two issues that are not working correctly.

1. Within the Apps section of the House Rules for a given device I can see the Apps that are installed on that device. I can select an App which then places an 'X' in the checkbox to show that it is to be blocked. In the Activity screen I can see Apps that are installed and removed. However, on the device itself no apps are ever blocked. If I look at the House Rules on the device itself it does show the correct list of Apps that are to be blocked. When I try to open any of the apps that are listed as being blocked they all open fine. What more do I need to do?

2. I want to monitor the videos that are viewed on a given device, especially from YouTube. I have enabled this in the House Rules and I see it shown in the list of applied House Rules on the device. Within the Video section of the Activity screen in my Parent account I never see any videos listed.

All other items seem to be working. WEB sites are blocked as expected, location tracking is working, SMS messaging is tracked, etc.

Why are these two items not working? The phone is an LGL33L



Re: A couple of issues with Family Premiere

Hi Krayt,

It sounds like your Norton Family account has not been refreshed to premier version.  Can you please follow the steps described in the link below to refresh the account?




Thanks Katie

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