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This forum thread needs a solution.

Crashing in Mojave

On the 30th November I experienced a crash on my MacBook. It coincided with a large update to the Norton program. After rebooting the MacBook repeatedly crashed suddenly. I uninstalled Norton, and the crashing stopped permanently. By coincidence I happened a couple of days later to be working on a friend's MacBook, and reinstalled Mojave on a newly erased hard drive, without any other installed Apps. I then installed Norton on his MacBook, and within minutes it had crashed. It repeated this, so I uninstalled Norton, and it has been stable ever since.

On the 30th November I reported this incident to Norton on Case 37130723, thinking that as I had discovered a problem that must affect all Mojave users (in their thousands) that I would get a rapid response. After letting Norton take log files from my crashing MacBook I expected an acknowledgement that this is a serious problem that would be dealt with urgently. Now, 3 weeks later, I have still not heard from the Norton Service team, and am getting more impatient by the day. As my MacBook has been unprotected for 3 weeks, and is endangered, I am getting more angry with Norton.

My question to other Forum members is the following. Have you experienced the same as myself, and has Norton resolved your problem yet?