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Creating 1st Backup set, very slow?

I have attempted my third Backup. Already removed the others that took incredible amount of time, so cancelled.

This third one I selected a specific, more refined amount of files... but still taking too much time?

How long should it take?





Re: Creating 1st Backup set, very slow?

Get started using Norton Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup stores and protect important files and documents as a preventative measure to data loss due to hard drive failures, stolen devices and even ransomware.

Norton Cloud Backup is available only on Windows.

Before running Norton Cloud Backup, create a backup set that specifies what files you want to back up. You can also specify where you want the files to be backed up and when you want the backup to run. You can backup files to the cloud using Norton Cloud Backup or to your own external drives.

The first time you run a backup, Norton may take some time to examine and copy all the files on your computer. If your Internet connection is slow, the process may take longer.

Norton does not back up your files automatically if the backup destination is Local Backup. Backing up to local storage devices needs your intervention. 


Re: Creating 1st Backup set, very slow?

Get started using Norton Cloud Backup -

Delete backup set and files from Norton backup -

Manage backup files on Norton Backup Drive -

Modify settings for or rename your Norton Backup sets -

Add or exclude files and folders in your backup sets -

View or change the default file types or file extensions that Norton includes in backups

Restore pictures, music, or other important files from Norton backup sets -

Choose the location of the files to be restored before running Norton Backup -

Norton video tutorials - Backup and Restore

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Re: Creating 1st Backup set, very slow?

The first backup is at the mercy of your internet connection's upload speed, which is usually nowhere near your download speeds. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Creating 1st Backup set, very slow?

And so,...

Can you provide a guesstimate as to time? Remember, I shorted the file size.


A: 1/2 Hr.

B: 2 Hr.

C: 10 or more Hr.

D: 1 day.

E: All of the above.



Re: Creating 1st Backup set, very slow?

With the exception of a few internet service providers who supply synchronous internet speeds, most offer upload speeds that are many times slower than the download speeds.  This is the main reason that your first backup takes a long time.  Subsequent backups will be quicker because only new or modified files will be backed up.  There are online calculators that will let you compute how long it will take to upload different sized files at different internet speeds.