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Credit Card Charged, Transition Canceled

Had a pop-up that said that my Norton license would expire in 30 days, which was true, and provided a link for renewal. I clicked on the link and got to the renewal screen. All of my information, including credit card information, was pre-filled. I went through the renewal process, but received a message that an error had occurred and the transaction was being canceled.

Later that evening, I received two emails. One was from my credit card company saying that my account had been charged by "NORTON SOFTWARE" with an amount that matched the transaction. The second was from "orders@mail.norton.com" stating that the order had been canceled. Order number is NPxxxxxxxxxx [masked by Admin to protect your privacy].    Main Norton product screen still shows 30 days left on my subscription.

So, a charge has been applied to my credit card, but my subscription has not been renewed. Clearly, there is a flaw in the automated renewal process that needs to be fixed. Right now, I'm more concerned with getting my two-year product renewal being applied.



Re: Credit Card Charged, Transition Canceled

Please > Chat with Official Norton Support.

They are "go to" for subscription & payment concerns.

Make sure that the Norton email that you received is legitimate.


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Re: Credit Card Charged, Transition Canceled

I will do that. However, since there is an obvious bug in the automated renewal process, I thought that the techs should know.

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