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Credit where credit is due

Over the past 18 months(ish) I have had two issues with my N360 in which I called the Symantec tech staff.On both occasions the quality and service were frankly appalling.Not returning promised calls was a major annoyance to me and it wasn't until an administrator on this forum became involved that my issues were resolved.HOWEVER,I must do something that is rare here and give Symantec a pat on the back over my recent "Failed to check for some updates" issue.I contacted the tech staff and the technician was unable to resolve the issue.He told me that in 24 hours his supervisor would call me to which I was extremely skeptical due to previous experience.Well sure enough in almost exactly 24 hours my phone rang and it was indeed the supervisor.Two hours later and being unable to resolve the issue he apologized and put me straight through to an engineering support team.It took nearly another 2 hours but they were able to fix the updating issue.It turned out to be some type of proxy issue(way over my head).For nearly 4 hours they worked on my pc to fix this.They called me when they said they would and because of my previous complaints over the tech staff I feel that I must say a big WELL DONE to the team.I'm sorry this is so long but I really had to give credit where it was due.