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This forum thread needs a solution.


Hello...I just got infected from a the Trojan crypt0l0cker by email on March 17th 2016. The trojan claimed to be our national postal service and also it`s site looked liked the official site. So now my personal files and work files are encrypted and not useable.

There is a demand for a ransome payment, but the links to those sites for paying are now removed it seem.

Is there an there a solution out there yet for this problem?

I use dropbox, and I have managed to get my hands on one of the few files which were not encrypted to compare with the encrypted from an older archive.

I have the encrypted version of the attached file if there would be of interest since I can`t upload that version here due to the file extensions

best regards




Re: Crypt0l0cker

I got to upload a encrypted version to by adding it to a zip file


Re: Crypt0l0cker

Hi Kent

Just to confirm what is the exact ransomware was, what were the extentions created?Based on the name "Crypt0l0cker" it appears that you were hit by the copy-cat Crypt0L0cker. Unfortunately, there is no solution for this at this time AFAIK. You can find more information in the bleepingcomputer.com website

I would suggest backing up the encrypted data so you will be able to decrypt them in case a solution if found.

The infection would try to delete shadow volumes but some people were lucky and they were able to restore previous files using ShadowExplorer: (more information in the link provided previously)




Re: Crypt0l0cker

Your best source of information and assistance will be found at any one of these sites. Stay with one site and the trained volunteer that first helps you to get the best results.


Dick Win 10x64 10586 current NSBU

Re: Crypt0l0cker

Heres a couple of links for you i hope they help . Let us know if it helps and if i find more info ill let you know