Crypto Costs more in Electric

For those of you who have more than enough to mine, don't even think of it. What your not told is you pay hundreds of times more than you could ever make. I have a G force RTX 3080 and didn't realize why my electric bill was over $100. a month more. Someone was using my computer and asked why I was being so stupid. That's when I realized why my computer temperature was extremely high not to mention the electric bill. He said that a fraction of a dollar probably cost me a hundred bucks. He was right, then add all the crap they keep trying to get you to buy, they are becoming a pain in the butt. Then they have Norton Life Lock, another crock when they make you think someone will throw you out of your house. Of course it's technically true, that is until that person needs to show up in court. Geez, you need an Add Blocker just for Norton!