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Crypto mining not working. Hash rate of 28 MH/s but not earning a penny.

I have a gaming rig with an Intel i5 Quadcore 3 GHz CPU, 8GB of DDR5 ram, a 1TB Samsung Evo 960 M.2 drive, and an Nvidia 1660 Super GPU. This system is blazing fast.  Running Norton Crypto the hash rate runs between 27 and 28 MH/s.  When I first started Norton Crypto it ran overnight for about 8 hours and earned $1.  The next day it ran intermediately throughout the day and earned about $0.53 for a total of $1.53 in the first 24 hours.  The next morning when I check it (after running all night for about 10 hours), instead of going up, the new balance was $1.41.  It went down instead of up.  

I am out of town and my system has been running 24 hours a day and the balance is still stuck at $1.41.  I brought my other system online that has an Nvidia 2070 and let it run for 10 hours.  The balance stayed at $1.41, so I took that system offline until I can see some change.  

I realize that Norton Crypto is a beta program and there will be glitches.  But, a worker is worthy of their hire.  If my computer is hashing crypto, it just is not disappearing into thin air, so someone is making money somewhere.  I just want to make sure that when the glitches get worked out, I will be justly compensated for the work my GPU has done and is doing.  For the WHOPPING 15% FEE (other services charge 1%) that Norton has the unmitigated audacity to charge of this service, they had better provide 5-star service in fixing these issues.  If I go to a budget steakhouse and pay $10 for a steak, I expect a $10 steak and service.  If I got to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and pay $100 for a steak I expect an amazing steak and premium service.  Bottom line, if Norton is going to charge a premium fee, they need to provide premium service and products. 



Re: Crypto mining not working. Hash rate of 28 MH/s but not earning a penny.

first thing to note is that looking at the $ amount will not give you an accurate reading of what is happening, ETH value in relation to $ is moving up and down all the time 24 hours a day

balance being stuck is something we will have to look into, i see several people on the forums stating this, there must be something common, the team is looking at all the indicators on our side, and have not found anything to say why this may be happening to some users

i can assure you the team is doing everything they can to figure out some of these issues


Re: Crypto mining not working. Hash rate of 28 MH/s but not earning a penny.

I own several thousand dollars worth of Etherum and watch the market closely.  Etherium has been on the rise over the past week, so that is not the issue. 

There is a problem, the techs just need to find out what it is.  I will be glad to assist with whatever data I can provide to help you discover the issue. 

I uploaded an image I just took from my PC.  It has been like this for over 48 hours of running. 


Re: Crypto mining not working. Hash rate of 28 MH/s but not earning a penny.

Yeah, I think Norton needs to tank this project. It simply offers no value to the customer. I have been running two computers 24/7 for the past three days with a combine Hash rate of 58 MH/s and I have made $1.20. That will will not even pay for the electricity, much less the wear and tear on the GPU. According to evey calculator I can find, at a 58 MH/s hash rate I should earn at minimum $4 to $5 a day mining Ethereum. So, either Norton is calculating wrong, or they are keeping the earnings for themselves and ripping me off, on top of the outrageous 15% commissions. The numbers do not lie. Unless Norton demonstrates an interest in fixing these problems, I think everyone should back out. I am disappointed in Norton. I have trusted Norton for over two decades for my security, but this experience has given me cause to distrust Norton now.

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