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Crypto SCAM ** Cancelling Because of This Unethical Practice


Same on you Norton for this ill conceived effort to try and bilk your clients energy/money while giving the Illusion that we are actually mining in any real capacity.

Now I know I'm only using a PC but I have enough experience mining on PC's built for mining and Bitmain machines to know that you ARE NOT relaying the correct hashrate to each user and are likely skimming form every client. C'mon Norton after trusting you with my basic PC security this program SCREWS YOUR PC's processes up and STARTS AND RUNS AFTER STOPPING IT, PAUSING IT, AND WILL TRY AND START ANYTIME IT CAN WITHOUT PERMISSION.

MY GPU IS RUNNING AT 99% and my hash rate on my independent clocker is 24-26 MH/s NORTON IS ONLY  GIVING ME CREDIT FOR  4-8 MH/s.

This is over two days of use.  You guys should be ashamed that you are allowing this top run on peoples PC.



Re: Crypto SCAM ** Cancelling Because of This Unethical Practice

What GPU are you running?  If you are running an AMD GPU you need to switch it to Compute Mode for it to work right with Norton Crypto.  I have a SAPPHIRE Nitro + Radeon RX 580 8GB and it was only mining at 6 Mhs while set to Graphic Mode.  Once I switched it to Compute Mode, it is now Mining at 29 Mhs. 


Re: Crypto SCAM ** Cancelling Because of This Unethical Practice

NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti, 12 GB GDDR6X So my whole reason for posting wasn’t because I was looking to use my PC as a rig. I was on the phone, on hold, and saw the feature. So I thought I’d give it a shot and get rich. I was expecting millions immediately! So I activated the program and had it running maybe a total of 2 hours over the course of two days while I was taking a break or not using the PC. The problems I encountered were insane. Literally like Malware. Now I like Norton I paid for a year of service and added on a System Booster. This was 2 months before I even tried the Crypto application. Here are the major issues it caused just by downloading it and using it: - GPU maxed out at 100% without any adjusting - The program would turn on by itself. Yes the Norton was running normally but I specifically clicked pause & stop two different methods of ending that feature and both of them failed to keep the application off - it would turn on on its own and not give any notice, except immediate near freezing of anything else I was working on. - On rebooting my PC Norton would open and IMMEDIATELY start the 100% GPU mining effort. With failed attempts to stop it. - It would freeze my PCs mouse operation and keyboard operation but continue to operate. I would open the task manager and the GPU would still be operating at 98-100% - I continued to try to regain even the simple use of the mouse to try to stop Nortons Crypto from starting, which it would start from the minute Nortons security would become active. - Im not going to get into the hash rate discussion because it takes away from the main issue which was essentially the crypto bricking my PC. - I went to the community forums and saw many others were having horrific experiences too - I couldn’t get rid of the Crypto even by admin level access and manual removal. - This is being caused by MY SECURITY PROGRAM GUYS. I mean seriously, I’ve never seen anything like this outright jacking of my PCs processes - I finally put the PC into sleep mode after closing Norton and reading the other issues here in the forum. I’d tackle it tomorrow. - Im in bed and my screen comes on and guess what Windows is trying to update hey I set that setting for late updates but never from sleep mode? Yup it’s woken up and trying to update but you know what? The GPU is at 100% and the update was stuck around 25-30% progress. - This tells me the update started as I had planned but when Norton kicked on to monitor the update guess what kicked on shortly afterwards Yup the miner. So this is a total of about 6 hours spent on trying to get back to normal and now I contacted the “chat support” yes I know about tickets, escalations, not cussing or being rude. Gets you nowhere. The support was okay and I told him look im not going to argue or go back and forth for hours. This is what’s going on, this is what I’d like, a refund of my Norton payment because your program isn’t holding up its end of the agreement, protecting me. He understood and said he’s seen it before, no specific details on what he’s seen but he was pretty good about understanding I didn’t want to go through a trouble shooting session. I explained the issue, and that a refund should be a simple task and we can go separate ways. He put me on hold for around 15 minutes came back and tried to get me to restart my computer or something along those lines. I told him no and I’ll be disputing with my CC company. He put a supervisor on and I had to basically re-explain which it’s now 3am and I’m at my breaking point. To sum it up he admitted to issues and lots of others with similar problems. He will kindly and nicely refund $27. We went back and forth and I folded like a cheap chair. Said I will address this on social media and with their partner airline. It would t be good if my company’s security software screws up a clients computer worse than most. This is day TWO and the supervisor canceled my subscription which shut my Norton down but it still would still try to force open and run. Eventually it stopped and hasn’t tried to resume. I will say one thing about the hash rate to close, I ran a separate program to get my hash rate if I mined solo through a legitimate mining website not pooled, just solo. 26/28 - Norton was showing 6/12 with my GPU once again at 100% Without going into it further the Norton program was not reporting to us the user the actual PROCESSING POWER being used and was understating it to us while using full power - a non Norton program confirmed this. Even when run in the sandbox, I would get the correct numbers but not through Norton. This sucks because I liked Norton but between them releasing a half ass product like this and admitting there have been issues…. Screw that I need my Security Company focused on security features and thwarting potential threats. NOT building and beta testing stupid Crypto gimmick software.

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Re: Crypto SCAM ** Cancelling Because of This Unethical Practice


Great info about switching to compute mode. Is the same true for NVidia?

Your son I am sure is making lots more money in the food business than you are at Crypto? (LOL)


Quite a horror story that you had to tread through.

A lesson for the rest of us. Good Luck in the future with your security needs.

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