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Cumulative screen time limit

The one feature that I have been waiting years for is a cumulative screen time limit.  We have several shared devices around the house that my kids have accounts on.  These accounts are monitored by Norton Family, however there is no way to prevent screen time multiplication when they swap devices.  I've seen this brought up once or twice over the years, but it has not been taken seriously.

Are there any plans to add this feature or should I look elsewhere?



Re: Cumulative screen time limit

Hello rknize,

Thank you for your feedback. Time limit at child level is in our to-do list. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to offer this feature yet. We'll keep the audience updated when we roll this feature out.

However, in the time activity report, you can see the time activity at device level as well. You may also monitor time usage trend of your child for different devices and set a lower limit accordingly for each. 

Thank you!


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