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Cumulative time spent on all plateforms (PC, tablet, smartphone)

Hi guys,
I recently installed Norton Family on a Windows 7 user account after more than a year of use on Android (only recently happy since Google Play can at last be blocked)
Problem : Family maintains a separate account of time spent for those two platforms without offering a cumulative option.
Basically, I want my kid to spend one hour on screens during week days on whichever PC or Tablet it occurs.
Doesn't look like rocket science to me since the hard work of collecting and blocking has already been done ; will you guys develop that feature any time soon (or have I missed something ?)



Re: Cumulative time spent on all plateforms (PC, tablet, smartphone)

Hi Pokino,

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. Currently, Norton Family does not support a cumulative time calculation across all the devices a child uses. Time limit have to be set for each device totaling to allowed usage. We will take this suggestion to our management for consideration.

Thanks and regards,
Norton Family team

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