Curfew Notification

On Tuesday, my child turned on their computer at around 3.20pm and was able to do so, but I received a Time Restriction notification saying that she had reached the 7.30pm curfew and her access had been blocked. Please advise ... is there some time zone setting, or something that I don't have set up correctly? Thanks!


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Re: Curfew Notification

Hi Huck2Helen,

Thanks for reaching Norton Family forums.

Upon analyzing the backend data, the 7.30pm curfew alert seems to be for the previous day that was queued on the PC.
This is probably because the PC was turned off just after the generation of the 'Time Restriction' alert.
The generated alert log gets posted to the server whenever the device becomes active next time.

Please continue to monitor and reach out to us if the issue persists.

Norton Family Team

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