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Custom Scan problems? with NIS2010

Dear All,

Can anyone help me? 

I made a scan of NIS2010 on a folder on my external HDD.  However, when NIS2010 scan a particular file (a photo jpeg file)....it "continue scanning that file".  There are not error messages nor is the file malware infected.  NIS2010 just scan that particular file for a long time (about 6-7 mins).  It is really weird, I don't understand why.

The Jpeg photo file is not large nor it is damaged and that particular folders has all my JPEG photos.  Other photos were scanned quickly.

I tried using MALWAREBYTE and Threatfire, no problems whosoever.

I am not too sure if this happened during FULL SCAN or Automatic Scan, I cannot check them.

Thank you for your help.



Re: Custom Scan problems? with NIS2010

Try these:
1. Right click on the file and choose Norton Internet Security -> Inisght Network Scan. This will scan the file through the cloud.
2. If it is still slow you can try to "edit" (so open it in paint) and save as with a different name. Maybe the file was not compressed well, and because of that you get this error... After you resaved it, try the scan again.
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Re: Custom Scan problems? with NIS2010

Hello Sea_Monster,

There must be something unique about that particular jpeg file that requires such a long scan duration.

I you wish, send me a Private Message and I will give you instructions on how to send the file to me. I will be happy to check it on my computer and report back to you with any findings.

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