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Customer Service Nonexistent

I received an email (since I was already a Norton customer) for a chance to purchase the Core router at a discounted price. I placed my pre-order, and when I was informed that my card would not be charged until the router shipped, I called Norton to inform them that due to the possibility of credit card fraud, I keep my cards locked. They told me that would not be a problem. I was told that Norton would send an email to inform me when the router was shipping and I would have time to unlock the card so the purchase could be processed.

That was the beginning of a nightmare. They did not send an email. I got an email from my bank that the charge was declined because the card was locked. I call Norton and was assured they would get it straightened out. After 4 phone calls, 3 case numbers and 2 escalations and hours on the phone, I was informed, they could do nothing.

I even called and unlocked the card and tried 3 times to get someone to process the order and was each time informed that that was not possible.

I also called Norton’s regular customer service number in hopes I would get someone that would better understand, but none of the people I spoke with spoke English very well.

I am disappointed in Norton. I would like to inform the here that their customer service is seriously lacking. I will not be purchasing the router, and will be looking for a substitute for the Norton subscription.

I have worked in the computer industry for 20 years and used Norton defrag when it was free, and a good product. Apparently, Norton has lost touch.

I would imagine they will delete they will be deleting this shortly, so I hope enough people get to read it and save them the headaches. Please get the word out. I can’t believe I am the only person having this problem, and don’t even call about the USB port and external drive issue. I did and the result was the same. Despite that I tried to make the purchase, and face the above. I have a good Cisco Wi-Fi router, and think I will just keep my $200.00.