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DANGER in Welcome to Windows 10 email

I got an email from Microsoft (windows@communication.microsoft.com) saying "Welcome to Windows 10 -- again".  Apologizes for an earlier incorrect email (?) and offers links to introduce various Windows 10 features.  The first link is "Open the Get Started App." If I hover over it, the link is (I added XX to foil the actual address): http://XXcommunication.microsoft.com/Key-8101501.C.Dbf7.1.K3.-.nF3PmRf, but when I click it, I see it switch to XXchrome-extension://cjabmdjcfcfdmffimndhafhblfmpjdpe/RedirectPages/PAGEBADREDIRECT.HTML  which says it is a Norton Safe Web message saying that this link is DANGEROUS, DON'T OPEN IT. 

Since the email address this message came to (a hotmail account) is not one I use for my Windows setup, I wonder if the entire email is a scam.



Re: DANGER in Welcome to Windows 10 email

Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulently
http://www.microsoft.com/security/online-privacy/msname (link is external)

Email and phone scams claiming to be the Windows 10 upgrade

How to get Official Norton Support and avoid software support scams

How To Recognize and Avoid Tech Support Scams

Beware of US-based Tech Support Scams

Tech Support scammers rip big brand security software with fake warnings

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