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This forum thread needs a solution.

dangerous web page blocked, but only on 1 of 2 computers that have Norton

My wife and I write for various clients. Norton says our client's site is "Dangerous Web Page Blocked." We both have Norton installed, use Windows 10, and she has no problem accessing the site. We don't see any threat as it is a U.S. based site for a nutraceutical manufacturer. When I try, Norton bocks me and if I try and "continue to site," all I get is a white screen. 

Also, I have informed them about the issue and so far I don't know if they have looked into it or not. 

Does anyone have a solution? I need to work with this client and access their site regularly. 



Re: dangerous web page blocked, but only on 1 of 2 computers that have Norton

Hello Billg56

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

What is the name of the website? Please give it in non clickable form. Are you both using the same browser? Are either of you using Connect Safe? Have you removed any preinstalled security program using the removal tool from the other company? What Norton product and version number are you using, that is both of you?

Have a Good Night and


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