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Days after installing updated NIS for Mac

After weeks of reading all the Symantec bashing on here, I feeI I need to share my experience with NIS.  I installed NIS 4 for Mac on the update launch date and immediately within installing, LiveUpdate downloaded compatibility updates for SL.  It's been a couple of days now, and so far so good.  Note:  this is the FIRST install of Norton software on my mac, if that makes a difference.  NIS has not slowed my system down, web pages and applications load just as quickly as before, my mac boots up within 14 seconds from complete shut down.

Thanks to Norton/Symantec for making the setup process clear and simple, just like Norton software on my old Windows PC!  

In waiting for the updates to Norton software for SL, I was using trial versions of Intego Virusbarrier and Netbarrier...although Netbarrier does seem to have some advanced settings, I found the setup of Intego's firewall to be CONFUSING.  NIS for Mac has that learning stage that Intego does not, so I know the Norton firewall is actually working and asking to grant applications permission to access online.

Yes, there was quite a delay in getting this update out, but at least Symantec is testing their software in getting it ready before release.  Keep up the good work!



Re: Days after installing updated NIS for Mac

Yeah I love Symantec and the Norton products.. though a few errors (like Norton Firewall causing a kernel panic (system crash) was the one most bugging me I just opened it and no system crash cause it was fixed in the update...yay). To me you get more for your product than you do when go with Intego. Especially when you talk about phishing protection and the information guard of Norton Confidential something you have to buy separately from Intego. There are good features in both Intego and Norton products it's just that I think Norton is better for security. 

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