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Delayed alerts from Norton about my credit report

Norton just alerted me to a new account on my credit report.  This alert was too late to be useful   I would think that for the price the credit bureau check would be more often.  My free credit bureau services alerted me two weeks ago.   

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Re: Delayed alerts from Norton about my credit report

You are making a good point about timely alerts. The value of the alerts decreases as time goes by while the criminals are out using your info.

I have two different banks and the one with a credit card issues credit card alerts within minutes of the transaction occurring. This is very much appreciated by me and many others who comment on it. The second bank I have just a checking and savings account and they issue alerts about deposits and withdrawals sometimes as much as 4 days later. I have many times given them feedback and even called but it has never been updated to be faster. 

Maybe others here can comment on how speedily LifeLock alerts.

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