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'Delayed Write Failed' errors with USB Hard Drives #2

I am adding some information here relating to the following post, that I could no longer reply to:

'Delayed Write Failed' errors with USB Hard Drives

I have found that the errors still occur even when most Norton features are turned-off, although the errors occur a lot less often.

So the errors could be caused by a PC performance issue - decreasing the load by turning Norton features off helps.

I think it is still woth having my 2 posts about this (including this one) online, because turning Norton off helped a lot.

The other thing that really helped was to start Windows XP in a 'Clean Boot' state before doing the copies to the USB drives, see here:

How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" state (Article ID: 310353)

I hope this helps, because this problem was very frustrating for me.

Labels: Windows XP