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Delete Online Backup from another computer?

Hello, I am new to these forums, I currently have a problem in which a previous laptop had some information stored on it which I wish to delete as it is taking a large amount of space. The laptop I would like to delete this information on, currently doesn't work, therefore I will have to do it on another computer. I am currently using Norton 360. Does anybody have a solution as I currently keep getting that annoying orange '!' mark and am currently finding it hard to back up important info.



Accepted Solution

Re: Delete Online Backup from another computer?

Hello mikehenn,

Try looking at computer/norton bakup drive/ then the set you wish to delete. Once you have located it, left click the set 1 time to highlight it and hold shift and press delete. If this does not work send me a private message and we will work out more steps for you.

Michael: Technical Account Manager NAM

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