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Delete Online Identity Safe Vault

I have deleted my Identity Safe vault on my Windows 7 computer in NIS.  If I try to log in to Identity Safe in NIS on my computer now Identity Safe asks me to create a new password and then creates a totally new and empty Identity Safe vault on my computer.  When I log in to Identity Safe Online all my passwords are still there and subject to being stolen if someone steals my computer and/or master password.  If I sign in to Identity Safe Online I can delete passwords one by one which takes a very long time.  How may I delete my Online Vault all at once from Norton's servers?



Re: Delete Online Identity Safe Vault

Just to confirm for those with much more knowledge than myself (very new to the online vault myself) may I ask if it was the Identity Safe standalone or part of Norton Security or another suite and the version number?

Were the steps taken to delete the online vault basically:


You had mentioned the worry of the computer being stolen and the data being at risk. If you wish you can turn off the automatic backups that Identity Safe makes as well as deleting the .dat files that are stored in the Identity Safe directory if that gives any piece of mind toward the system being in someone elses possession.

I assume that if the issues lies on the server side it will take action from a customer service person. But I leave all that up to those that know about these things. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help to you and hope to hear of the solution.

Take care.

Accepted Solution
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Re: Delete Online Identity Safe Vault

Thanks for the help.  Turned out my problem was I had switched from standalone Norton Internet Security (NIS) to free NIS included with my Comcast plan.  Free Comcast NIS doesn't have access to Norton/Symantec cloud which is the only difference between Comcast NIS and standalone NIS.  To delete my Identity Safe online vault I first had to delete my Comcast NIS, install free trial of free standing NIS and delete my Identity Safe vault by entering the login password incorrectly 3 times and selecting delete vault, then delete the standalone NIS and reinstall the Comcast NIS.  Pain but it worked and since I have switched to Last Pass I wanted to delete my Identity Safe vault.

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Re: Delete Online Identity Safe Vault

I'm extremely glad to hear that it has been resolved and thank you for educating me as to what caused the issue. I'm confident that it will help a number of people in the future in the same situation.

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