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deleted IS log in


I recently mistakenly deleted one of my log- in entries in Identity Safe. It is a site I use daily and the auto -fill was a blessing. Now, when I visit the site and enter my log-in details manually, Norton does not ask to save the log-in as it used to with new sites and having deleted this one I expected my next attempt to be treated as a "new" entry.

How can I reinstate the deleted item, please?


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Re: deleted IS log in

Look in your Documents folder for a folder called Norton Identity Safe Backups. Inside that folder is a folder with your email address. In that folder are backups of your Vault. 

If those files are on your system, open your Norton Security product and click on the Identity box. Then click on Identity Safe and open your vault. Then click on the gear icon to open the ID Safe settings. Click on the Import/Export tab, then click on Import. Then navigate to your vault backups and choose one from a date before you deleted the login. As long as that was the only change, you can choose to replace the contents. If you choose 'merge', you might end up with all other logins duplicated.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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