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Deleted N.A.. Now I can only access internet thru SafeMode on iMac. Legally blind, need help please!

Hello.  About a month ago, I noticed my Norton AV was not running scheduled checks.  And when I clicked on the app, nothing happened.  So I used the RemoveNortonMacFiles, and deleted Norton.  Now I cannot get online!  My ISP was no help.  I noticed that under my Mac's Network details, in the left pane, where it says if you are connected via WiFi or Ethernet, (etc), there is Norton Security in there, and the light (dot) next to it goes from yellow, not running, to green, starting.  There is a striped lock next to it.  I don't know if this is part of the problem.  

Also, I tried to re-download and re-install Norton, but it kept saying that it can't, because I have some "other" AV software running?  But I don't.  Norton is the ONLY AV software I've ever used, and I pay about $100 a year for it.  I have not ever downloaded any other AV software, and when I go to Finder and look through all of my apps, I see no other AV software listed.  So trying to reinstall Norton did NOT work.  

My DNS is correct.  I have a strong WiFi signal.  I even tried the Ethernet cable.  All of my other devices are able to connect.  The ROKU, iPad, iPhone, all connected.  I was able to hook up a very vintage laptop wirelessly, and I connected wirelessly, no problem.  I checked all of my settings in my Mac, and they all appear to be correct.  The Mac is getting the WiFi signal, but something is preventing it from being able to connect to the internet. 

None of my web browsers will connect.  They all keep saying I'm offline.  Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and one called Friendly Streaming.  My Apple News app won't connect.  Nor will Google Earth.  I tried other apps that were not browsers, but I can't connect.  

I'm using MacOS Catalina.  I was able to do an iOS software update a couple of days before this trouble started.  So my system is up to date.  

This morning, I read up and followed instructions to start my Mac in Safe Mode, and I AM able to connect my Safari browser to the Internet.  

Someone please help me!  This is a 27" iMac, and I'm legally blind, and it's my lifeline.  I am removing from foot surgery, and I'm in a cast, and not able to get up and do anything, and this Mac is all I've got.  During the day, it's my only entertainment.  I can't even see the TV, so this Mac is my world.  And this could not have happened at a worse time!  I'm literally stuck in my office chair, crying.  :-(  Please help!  

What info can I provide to help you guys help ME resolve this problem?  (I'm absolutely ecstatic to be in Safe Mode and online, but I have no idea what Safe Mode is, or what is even going on here.....)  I just need some help, please.  Thank you!  -Molly 



Re: Deleted N.A.. Now I can only access internet thru SafeMode on iMac. Legally blind, need help please!

I have asked your thread be moved to the Mac forum board for better chance of getting the help you need.


Re: Deleted N.A.. Now I can only access internet thru SafeMode on iMac. Legally blind, need help please!

Hello Molly. I'm not a MAC user but will certainly try to help. There is a similar conversation on the Apple forums that may help you.

Since booting into "Safe Mode" have you rebooted into normal mode since then to see whether the network stack has cleared? 


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