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deleting backup files

I have tried in vain to delete old backup files form my external hard drive.  I have gone to "Manage backup Sets"  and selected "Delete previously backed up files" from the where tab.  First it takes at least ten to fifteen minutes to bring up the list.  Then another three minutes anytime another tree item is selected.  Once I get to the files to delete, I select them, tell it to delete, the software confirms that I really want to dlete them.  I say yes and it takes a while, then the files are still there.  It does not delete them.  I have tried going into the Norton Backup vault in windows explorer.  I select the files, right click to delete and it does the same thing.  Any ideas on why it says it is deleting the files but doesn't?  I am using Norton 360 version 3.0.  I also have a backup set from a previous version that I would like to delete.  I selected all the files, confirmed the deletion, but they are still there. 



Re: deleting backup files

Try disabling the Norton Tamper Protection first... go to settings and uncheck the Norton Tamper Protection.  Now try to delete the backups you want.  I used Windows Explorer to delete mine.

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