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Per the demise of Norton ConnectSafe

Hi, all:

With ConnectSafe being retired, I'm wondering what the general consensus is, regarding the "most favored" replacement so far. I realize that is largely a matter of personal taste; just want to get a general feel from the Forum members as to what you are considering switching to. Thanks in advance for your insights/comments...

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Re: Per the demise of Norton ConnectSafe

I switched to Quad9 (https://www.quad9.net/about/) a few months ago and i am happy with it : Fast DNS in the Netherlands near the Amsterdam Internet Exchange. Furthermore it's supported by trustworthy parties, although some still discuss their independance etc. etc..
Another user Krusty said before that his provider does not support the Australian nodes of Quad9 and he had to use the US ones, which made it slower.

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Re: Per the demise of Norton ConnectSafe

A little bit of knowledge is... well a little bit of knowledge.

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