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"Destination disk is too small"??

Hello all!

This is my first post in the Norton forums. I like to think of myself as technically literate, but this has got me lost!

I have an Alienware computer that i've had since 2005. It came with a respawn disc to restore your system, the disc uses Norton Ghost 8.0

The original HD that came with the system died, and I'm trying to restore the original operating system onto a brand new, larger HD.

When I try to begin the restoration process, I get a message from Ghost that says, "Destination drive is too small", but the new HD is 10 times bigger than the old one!   HELP!!



Re: "Destination disk is too small"??

Thankis for answering my question in a timely manner.

You people and this forum are useless.


Re: "Destination disk is too small"??


Is there an error number associated with that error message?

Have you been able to extract the backup image from the optical media? It might then be possible to restore the image using switches or a later version of Ghost.

Edit... How large is the new HD?

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