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This forum thread needs a solution.

Device & Licence Management in My Norton

I have a Norton Small Business subscription with 5 licences, plus I have purchased a further 4.  All are set to auto-renew.

However, using Norton is just proving such a headache at the moment and really time-consuming to manage.  I have no idea if my machines are properly configured (i.e. protected) or not.

On the My Subscriptions (https://my.norton.com/account/subscriptions) page in My Norton it shows that I have 8 licences used with 1 available.

On the My Devices (https://my.norton.com/Devices/Home/List) page in My Norton is shows 5 devices, three of which are shown with "Issue Found".  Of these, two of the issues say they are using a Trail Subscription; the other tells me how to resolve by opening Norton Security and double-clicking Performance to resolve.  I only found this because I logged in to My Norton to look at something else.

Why do I not see 8 devices on the My Devices page, given that 8 licences are being used?

Why have I got 2 devices which are using Trial Licences, when I have sufficient subscriptions?

Can someone explain exactly how the licences and devices are populated and where the information comes from for each?  Perhaps it is a lack of understanding on my part which is causing confusion.

Thank you,




Re: Device & Licence Management in My Norton

On each computer you need to go into Norton Settings - Administrative Settings and scroll down and check that Remote Management is turned on. That is needed for the web site to update information on the Devices page.

Then from the main Norton screen, click on Help - Subscription Status. That should sync your computers with the Norton web page. It may take a little while to update. It is not instantaneous.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Identity Safe data.

Re: Device & Licence Management in My Norton

I have the same problem on My Norton account. On my Mac computer, I've not been able to find "Norton Settings - Administrative Settings" or something equivalent, like Preferences, for the Norton Security application.

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