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Difference between Norton Utilities/360 and HitmanPro

For Windows 10 I use Norton Utilities to clean my laptop. Sometimes I also use HitmanPro for a second diagnostic view. After using HitmanPro there are a lot of dll's etc. that could be removed when your buy a HitmanPro license. My question is: why don't Norton Utilities or Norton 360 remove these dll's etc. Is it for the performance of the computer really necessary to remove the issues? Who knows?



Re: Difference between Norton Utilities/360 and HitmanPro


A sad fact of the computing environment today is that no single security program can protect you 100% of the time from 100% of the threats being released daily [I think Symantec said that there were almost a million a day being released]. This being said, it seems wise for a user to evaluate the various security programs and their compatibility and choose the best one or two for their active protection [remember they must be compatible - not competing] and then look for another one or two that can be run 'on demand' that will compliment the strengths of the others. This will not provide complete security - infections are still a matter of 'when' not 'if', but if will provide the best possible security while allowing you to use your system on the Internet.

[total security may only be possible if the computer remains in the box without power of any kind]

Dick Win 10x64 10586 current NSBU