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Disabling At Risk Notification

I recently downloaded Norton for Mac from my ISP website. I have purposely disabled the "firewall" and "safe web" setups because I have other products that take care of this for me. Even so, I periodically get notification on my mac that my computer is "at risk" because I turned off these setting. This is incredible annoying. Since i purposely disabled them, I do not need reminders that I did so. I would expect that application in such a way as to have a "never see this again" checkbox on the reminders so they don't keep popping up. Have I missed a way to do this? If so, please advise. Otherwise, please update the app to prevent this popup behaviour.



Re: Disabling At Risk Notification

Hello DH1 This article may help: https://www.howtogeek.com/291934/how-to-disable-nortons-notifications-and-bundled-software/

If you do not have version 7.6 please run live update and get it. Refer to the following articles, you may be vulnerable to a MIM (MAN IN THE MIDDLE) exploit. I have asked the admins whether these were addressed in the 7.6 release as the Symantec bulletin suggests.




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