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Disappearing posts? Don't fret.

Hi everyone,

Since migrating to this new forum platform, you might have noticed that some forum threads have gone missing.


Also, don't post the message 100 times thinking that will help. It won't. Why not, you might ask? Because our SPAM BLOCKING ROBOT, who I call "Yolanda", is analyzing the forum content and trying to determine which posts are spam and which are legit. We're training Yolanda to better identify legitimate users and posts, and hopefully it'll be a steep learning curve.

Until then, we'll be manually reviewing which ones Yolanda has put up for "review", and approving them. Sadly, we are only humans, but we're working to make the process better. In the meantime, let's take it easy on the multiple postings. We don't want Yolanda to confuse you with a spammer. Thanks.

Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation


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Re: Disappearing posts? Don't fret.

...who I call "Yolanda" ...

That would sure explain the mess.


A little bit of knowledge is... well a little bit of knowledge.