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Disappointed with Discontinued Core and Norton Security for Core

The reason I came onto the Forum today was to find out why my Norton Core app (for iPhone) doesn't get anywhere past the app's first splash logo screen.  But, after cruising through the Forum and learning about the discontinuation of Core...I had go write this....

I was one of the first Core purchasers because I loved the idea of a device able to catch malware at the front door to my systems.  We all went through 6 months of hell getting Core to work properly.  No rebates.  No consideration of discounted Security software.  Nothin.  

Years ago I was one of those people who got trapped by Norton's sub auto-renew debacle and swore off using Norton.  Was hoping Symantec would change with the new Core.  Hmmmm....should have known that a software company does not make a good hardware co.  

After 18 months of using the Security Software, here's my take:  Everytime I run a scan and something is found, I never get any info about what it was or what was fixed, or how it was fixed.  Only a message that everything is "up to date" or "fixed."  Or, 1609 threats blocked.  OK, what were they?

Now that I have to find another reliable router company, I will abandon Norton Security once again.  

I guess Norton or Symantec just doesn't do or never will do customer service like they should.  


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Re: Disappointed with Discontinued Core and Norton Security for Core

I, too, was an original adopter of the Core. I have also been a Norton customer since the 80s and the early days of DOS and Peter Norton’s Norton Utilities.

We now have a discontinued Core hardware product (but no formal announcement to the owners of this product - the only mention is the 2/13/19 message from Gayathri in this forum), and a Norton Security product that has apparently been superseded by Norton 360 per the Norton website (but no notification, again, regarding any upgrade/migration path for those of us paying a monthly fee for Core and Security.)

How disappointing this is and it's no way to treat long-term and dedicated Norton/Symantec customers.

I have been hoping for statement from Norton/Symantec about the future.

A logical approach would be for them to follow the newer model that seems to be an established router manufacturer partnering with an established security services provider for a solution (D-Link with McAfee, Asus with Trend Micro, etc.) to provide a better overall experience. Netgear is an obvious choice, but who knows…

Absent some information from Norton, my current backup plan for if/when the Core fails is the ASUS RT-AX88U AX6000 Dual-Band WiFi Router, Aiprotection Lifetime Security by Trend Micro with a switch to Norton 360 for our devices.

This seems to provide similar network-level protection for all wired/WiFi devices as the Core and keeps the endpoint protection with Norton.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Alan Kay (Xerox PARC)

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