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Disappointed with renewal pricing policy

I have used Norton 360 for many years now and am happy with the product and service provided, but each year I struggle to understand why Symantec charge excessive renewal fees.

£35 and £60 for 1 and 2 year subscriptions, is a joke, when I can buy a 1 year CD version 6.0 for  less than £30.

Why force users to shop around for better prices as they may find other products to use!.

Surly it makes sense to hold on to those clients that are regular users and offer them discounted rates for downloaded renewals.


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Re: Disappointed with renewal pricing policy

This question comes up often.Norton cannot undercut the stores in the pricing or the stores will stop stocking it.We pay a little extra for the convenience of online renewal.It isn't a case of Norton gouging us.That's as I understand it anyway.


Re: Disappointed with renewal pricing policy

yes I am too disappointed:(

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