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Disk to Disk Copy w/Ghost 15

I've been reading a bit about the disk copy problems occurring with the Ghost 15 "Copy my Hard Drive" operation . Now I'm in a situation where I will need to do just that with a Windows 7 system.

There is an article in the "Top Tech Issues" section that describes how to use bcdedit to fix this problem. One thing that the article doesn't make clear: Is that procedure valid only for a single partition installation or will it work if I have a SRP as well? The article that I'm referring to is Doc ID 20100119144100EN.

Finally, as a workaround, could I simply perform an entire disk backup (both the C: drive and the SRP), and then do a restore of that image to a new disk? Would that get around the problem that Copy My Hard Drive has?



Re: Disk to Disk Copy w/Ghost 15



You will notice this method doesn't work if a SRP is present.

You can use Copy Drive without any BCD edits but both HDs won't boot. Then you need to do two repairs (on each computer) from a Win7 DVD and the computers will be fixed. Or you can do a BCD Edit in BING. This takes me 30 seconds as I've done many.

If you use the image/restore method (which I prefer) there is no booting issue.


Re: Disk to Disk Copy w/Ghost 15

Thank you. That helps greatly.

BTW, I thought that I had read in a thread somewhere that an update with a fix for that issue was coming soon. It's been a while since I read that. I don't suppose anyone has any estimate on when that might be available?

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