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DNS cache doesn't appear to be updating

My Norton Core doesn't appear to be automatically updating its dns cache? Im not sure what else it could be. I attempt to load a website only to have the browser say it cant find the site. Trying the same url on another device on the same network does the same thing. If I switch over to my cellular data (different network), the link works. If I reboot my norton core, the link starts to work. It only affects certain urls, not all of them, which makes me suspect possibly a dns cache issue? This problem is now occurring daily, and I dislike having to reboot my core every day to fix it. Is anyone else having this problem?



Re: DNS cache doesn't appear to be updating

Have you tried changing the Norton Core DNS settings to use a different DNS service?  I would give that a shot.


Re: DNS cache doesn't appear to be updating


You can try this in the Core. Don't know if this will work or not. Settings>Security>Manage Blocked Sites>Enter The Sites you want to go to in the Allowed List. Then test it out please.

Are you using a Modem/Router with your Core.?

This is my second attempt to help with the Core, so please be gentle if my suggestions don't work or not a good idea.. I'm trying..

Have a nice night.


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