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DNS disabled by VPN - Sole action to correct is disable VPN. Why?

If VPN is active in under 5 minutes DNS is unresolvable.  To repair DNS simply turn off VPN.  No other actions needed.  It will work all day.  However if I turn on VPN again, in under 5 minutes DNS is unreponsive again. 

Tell me norton Why?

Seems Norton is trying to sell its online privacy/no tracking app at the expense of its VPN users. 

Is this the case NORTON?

Windows 10, Latest version of Norton 360, VPN, Sofware updater, Utilities all up to date.

Dell laptop not some home made thing.  

Norton does not generate an error but terminates DNS service. Which for what Norton promised does make it so you cannot be tracked,  but it also makes it because the internet is useless. 



Re: DNS disabled by VPN - Sole action to correct is disable VPN. Why?

Where do you have your DNS settings? On your router or on each individual device? When the VPN is active, it bypasses your local settings and uses the DNS used by the VPN server.

What virtual location are you using in VPN Settings? If using the Auto select setting, try choosing a specific region. Click on the down arrow beside the VPN feature's Turn On/Off button and click on VPN region. See if that helps.

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